We give you greater control over the care you are receiving. With CDS or Consumer Directed Services, you can decide what services you should get, when it is provided, and even choose who provides you with those services.

Getting Started

  • Step 1: Elect a Financial Management Service Agency (FMSA) to assist you.
  • Step 2: Meet with your FMSA (Logos) to start Consumer Direction.
  • Step 3: Hire your employee and have total control over your employee.
  • Step 4: Setup a weekly schedule.
  • Step 5: Train your employee.
  • Step 6: Process your employee’s timesheets and fax to FMSA (Logos).
  • Step 7: Contact your case manager or your Service Coordinator.

Support Advisor

  • Can help you more about how to meet your employer responsibilities’.
  • Only available in centain programs.
  • List of certified support advisor can be found on the DADS website.

Responsibilities of a FMSA

  • Provide financial management services to an employer or designated representative.
  • Provide initial orientation and ongoing support for the employer.
  • Verify qualifications of applicant before services are delivered.
  • Monitor continued eligibility service providers.
  • Approve and monitor budgets for services delivered through the CDS option.
  • Manage payroll, withholdings, employer contributions, deposit funds.

How the Consumer Directed Services Option Works

The Choices
The texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) offers people living with disabilities home and community based services and supports to help them stay as independent as possible. When it comes to managing your services, everyone has different need and preferences. DADS give you options about how your services are managed.

These option are:

  • Consumer Directed Services Option (self-manage)
  • Agency Option (agency-manage)

The options offers two levels of control and responsibility over your program services, depending on whether you want to manage your own service or have a provider agency manage you program service entirely.

No matter which option you choose, the goal is to help you stay in your own home and community.

Choosing Consumer Directed Services allows you more control over your program services if yo’ure able and willing to take more responsibility fir coordinating the services.

  • You hire and train your employee, you decide your employee’s schedule.
  • You decide how much to pay your employee.
  • Handle all conflicts with your employee and keep employment records for 5 years.
  • Balance responsibilities with the supports and assistance available to you.
  • Liability for injured employees at your home.
  • Finding back-up services.

If your choose the Consumer Directed Service Option. You or your designated representatives (DR) will:

  • Recruit, hire and trains your own employees and backup employees (including family, friends or neighbors).
  • Set wages and benefits for your employees based on a service budget created with the help of your service planning team.
  • Set schedules and submit timesheets for your employees.
  • Select a Financial Management Service Agency (FMSA) to:
    • Process your timesheets and payroll
    • Process receipts and invoices
    • Acts as your agent to pay federal and state employment taxes

Consumer Directed Services (CDS) Options:

  • The consumer directed services agency you pick will come to your home to tell your more about how to hire your own staff. The FMSA (Logos) will explain important forms for hiring your staff.
  • The FMSA will help you set up budgets from money in your services plan for each service you want to self-direct. You decide how your staff will be paid, within program rates. You will have a little extra money to purchase items (e.g., advertising or fax machine) to help you meet employer responsibilities.
  • If you, the employee, need help to use the CDS option, you can choose an adult to help you meet responsibilities. This person is called designated representative.